[Gllug] Government IT projects and wasted money

James Courtier-Dutton james.dutton at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 17:29:01 UTC 2011


I have worked on a number of government IT projects.
I find the biggest waste of money is due to stuff being classified.
For example, I work on project A, and take 2 years to get from project
start to delivered project.
I then move to Project B, that is really aiming to achieve exactly
what project A has just done, but because of the project being
"classified", we cannot copy anything from project A, but instead
re-do everything and take another 2 years to deliver it.
Of course, Project A never knows about Project B because of its
classification as SECRET, so how do difference government departments
even know if they are duplicating work or not.
Even me, who has happened to work on both projects, am not allowed to
tell project B that project A exists.
It is all highly frustrating.
Does anyone have any ideas how I could improve the situation at all?

Kind Regards

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