[Gllug] Not installing stuff.

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Wed Jun 1 19:05:39 UTC 2011


I'm trying to install apticron via apt-get on an Ubuntu 10.10 server but
it resolutely refuses to do so without installing a bunch of other email
related items, namely: postfix, bsd-mailx & ssl-cert. It seems these are
not "suggestions" as adding the --no-install-recommends flag doesn't
make a shred of difference.

The reason I do not want the above is that I have my own custom mail
server running on port 25, this is a very simple program with almost no
privileges that can only email one email address (mine). I really don't
want a full mail server on the box - less is more after all!

I can't see why apticron has to have the above packages if there is
already a perfectly serviceable mail server running on the system
already. Am I being naive or ignorant of how scripts like to send mail
here or is there a way to get apticron to install without the extra bumph?


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