[Gllug] coreutils checksums

Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
Mon Jun 13 13:36:59 UTC 2011

On 13/06/11 14:10, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 02:05:09PM +0100, Steve Parker wrote:
>> I'm sure this is a really basic question, but here goes:
>> I have multiple machines, each with OEL5.5 (effectively RHEL5.5 rebadged
>> by Oracle)
>> Each machine has coreutils-5.97-23el5_6.4 installed, but md5sums of
>> /bin/cp, /bin/ls, etc are different on every machine.
>> Doing an "od -c /bin/cp>  node1.cp" and similarly for node2, diff
>> node1.cp node2.cp shows that there are genuine differences between the
>> binaries.
>> They all have the same timestamp, file size, ldd output, etc
>> Am I missing something obvious (I'm sure that I am!)
> Almost certainly this will be the result of prelink having processed
> those binaries.
Of course; my subconscious must have been half-way there because I did 
mention ldd, but hadn't thought of prelink. Many thanks, you've saved my 

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