[Gllug] Could you build a distro?

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Mon Jun 6 20:54:30 UTC 2011

On 6 Jun 2011, Tethys told this:

> Krishna Birth writes:
>>This distro is based on an esoteric philosophy.
> Ahhh, and suddenly it all clicks into place. Clearly, what this
> distribution needs is more instances of the letter K. I'm seeing
> a huge K splash screen on boot, followed by an abundance of Ks
> on the login screen and desktop background, and every application
> renamed to begin with the letter K, the way the gods intended...

It's like KDE was *designed* to make this guy mad.

(But then, KDE is written in C++, and we all *knew* C++ was an
instrument of darkness, right?)

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