[Gllug] Realtek 8168B

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Fri Jun 24 13:59:59 UTC 2011

Hi, My i7 desktop machine with a ASUS MB has an onboard Realtek 8168b 
network interface. When I first set the machine up with FC13 x64 the 
driver failed to start on the internal nic, so rather than trace the 
problem, I threw a PCI 8169 card in there and it started right away. So 
far so good.

Later, I found some suggestions about compiling an r8168.ko module from 
a source .gz from the Realtek site. I did that and the internal 8168 
stated to work, although I don't think it was that reliable.

Anyway, I have just updated the kernel to and 
without thinking about it, the network was working, although I realise 
it was on the supplied 8169.ko module.

Today I changed the VGA card (one nVidia to another) and decided to take 
the extra nic out as I wasn't using it. Boot up -> No network. Grrrr

Fiddling around with modules and rebuilding the r8168.ko module against 
the current kernel hasn't helped.

So I disemboweled the machine and put my 8169 nic back in. All 
happiness, except he VM's on this box now need reconfigured to use eth1.

So what's the deal, are 8168's a pile of trash? Or is there something 
about a P7P55D Asus motherboard that's weird.

Any experience of this out there......



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