[Gllug] Recommend value for money Linux cloud hosting?

gvim gvimrc at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 02:49:45 UTC 2011

On 16/03/2011 02:01, Andy McGarty wrote:
> I've used www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk for a couple of customers and
> they are great. Very helpful, very quick to respond to queries and no
> foreign call centre in site when you ring them :)
> Oh and a good price.
> Andy

I haven't had chance to contact them but I'm a bit dubious about the unlimited bandwidth promise. Rackspace charge 5p/12p per GB in/out and even the venerable Bytemark have to put some kind of limit on network access. I haven't heard of any serious server offers which come with unlimited bandwidth.


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