[Gllug] Recommend value for money Linux cloud hosting?

Axel Segebrecht axel at segebrecht.com
Wed Mar 16 09:39:54 UTC 2011

Hetzner are pretty good but are not a 'cloud' provider. I have been 
hosting with VPS.net for over a year now and you get good performance, 
reliability and support from them for the average £10 per node.

Also, you get free (as in beer) SSL certificates from Comodo!

Just my 2p - but any company where you can talk directly to the (wo)man 
in charge is a good thing in my book :-)


On 16/03/2011 09:08, Neil Macvicar wrote:
> Check out www.hetzner.de dedicated servers. The _best_ provider that I 
> have ever used, and i've used most of them.
> 1. Customer support is always prompt.
> 2. You can request physical reboots.
> 3. Prices are great.
> 4. Speeds are fantastic.
> 5. Lowest price dedicated servers start from 30 euros with no setup fee.
> Cheers,
> --Neil.
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> On Wed, 2011-03-16 at 01:40 +0000, gvim wrote:
> > Just had a look at a basic cloud server deal at Rackspace and at 
> £58.40/month for 2GB RAM/80GB disk I'm not impressed, to say the 
> least. Has anyone found a value-for-money Linux/cloud-based hosting 
> package or is it still just a Wild West Frontier situation with the 
> big players ripping-off the punters?
> If you are looking for something so specifically defined why not just
> rent a dedicated server from one of the many providers who will do that
> level of system for about £30 per month?
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