[Gllug] Off Topic: Backup ISP

Mick Farmer mick at dcs.bbk.ac.uk
Sat Mar 26 21:00:10 UTC 2011

Dear GLLUGers,

At home we have Plusnet broadband and Virgin cable TV.  Good
service and reliable.

My wife has broadband access from home to the Human Resouces
servers at Senate House in central London (for payroll

She is investigating using our house as a backup user site
in case Senate House is not acccessible.  The backup servers
are housed outside London.

Our Plusnet broadband connection should be able to access
the backup servers.

However, she's looking for a second route in case Plusnet
(and presumably BT) have problems.

One obvious alternative is adding Virgin broadband to our
setup.  What do you think of Virgin's service?

Is there another alternative?  Presumably only one broadband
provider can use the local loop.  What about a dongle?

Any comments and/or suggestions gratefully received.


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