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Sun Mar 27 20:08:08 UTC 2011

On 27 March 2011 20:01, Mick Farmer <mick at dcs.bbk.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dear GLLUGers,
> Thank you for your many replies concerning the choice of a
> backup ISP.  You obviously feel that Virgin Media is a
> no-no.  So, more delving required.
> Interestingly, a number of you said that BE offer a good
> service, so I looked through their web site.
> One thing puzzles me though.  Our current ISP, Plusnet, say
> that 6 MBps is the best our line will support.  BE say that
> we should expect 11 MBps.
> Why is there such a discrepancy when the circuit is going to
> run over the same local loop?  All explanations gratefully
> received as always.
> Regards,
> Mick


ISPs completely dying on you is rare.

Would it not be easier to find offices in your area that are rented by
the day on short notice?

There are several companies offering that kind of service, that way
you could decamp there on emergencies.

If you have a properly secure laptop you could even go to a coffee shop :-)
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