[Gllug] Bootable USB backup like OS X dmg?

James Hawtin oolon at ankh.org
Thu May 26 09:01:42 UTC 2011

gvim wrote:
> Fine, but can you take your partitions out with you on an external 
> disk and run the system from them via USB on a laptop out in the park? 
> Not a backup/rescue but a complete bootable clone - and smart-updatable.

Clearly I don't quite understand the feature you most desire. A linux 
distro can be installed to USB should you wish, just like OSX can be. 
Like with all OSes its the tweeks on them that makes it home that is so 
important. For me being able to recreate a system that is lost is the 
important thing, rather than having it on external storage. With OSX is 
the external USB copy replicated on to the internal drive?

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