[Gllug] Precision M65 screen - horizontal lines ... ut oh :|

'lesleyb' lesleyb at herlug.org.uk
Thu May 26 23:47:51 UTC 2011

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 08:40:34PM +0100, Alistair Mann wrote:
> 'lesleyb' wrote:
>>  Hi everyone,
>>  I have a Dell Precision M65 with horizontal lines appearing on the
>>  left of the screen.  They extend from the screen edge to 1 Gkrellm
>>  width where GKrellm width=110.  They extend the full height of the
>>  screen with some flicker on the lines.
>>  These lines appear at switch on so I suspect this is not a driver
>>  issue.
> Correct. The internal screen is faulty.
>>  I have tested by attaching the laptop to an external LCD screen and
>>  the lines do not appear on that external screen.
>>  http://www.lcds4less.co.uk/do-i-need-a-laptop-screen.shtml throws me
>>  a little.
>>  "The degree of resolution (horizontal and vertical lines) of a
>>  halftone image based on the number of lines-per-inch (lpi) or lines
>>  per centimeter, used to create the halftone. The line screen or
>>  sometimes called screen frequency at which an image is to be display.
>>  A screen defect whereby a LCD screen exhibits vertical or horizontal
>>  lines and is not due to a defect of the notebook itself.
>>  Solutions: Connect your laptop to an external monitor. If the image
>>  appear on the external monitor, it's indicate a faulty LCD screen."
>>  I would have thought the lack of any horizontal lines on the external
>>  monitor indicates it is the laptop screen and not the on-board
>>  grpahics chip, an nVidia G72GL Quadro FX 350M, that has the problem.
> You are correct, and that website has remarkably bad English, it's hard  
> to tell what they were intending to say.
>>  The above quote and this post
> http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/p/19341560/19731559.aspx
>>  seem to both indicate the lack of the problem on the external monitor
>>  indicates the graphics chip is at fault.
> The Dell website you reference does not have the same problem as you, so  
> don't apply what it says there to what you're experiencing.
>>  I am confused -- can anyone shed light on this ?
> As I understand it, the lines issue is related to faulty components  
> around the edge of the display itself. Solution: change the display (I'm  
> not brave enough to break out the soldering iron if compressing and  
> flexing those display edges is not enough!)
First of all thanks everyone for your replies.

You have all been very helpful. :)

The horizontal lines are still there, naturally they don't show up on 
a screen grab so I can't show what the visual effect.

I bought the laptop some 5.5 years ago but the motherboard was replaced
about 2.5 years to cure a faulty RJ45.  About six weeks before the extended 
warranty ran out. :)

The only thing retained from the original board was the RAM which I later

I ran the F12 Diagnostic test and there were no problems reported with
the Video Card, RAM or LCD Inverter.  I

The fault shows from power up onwards and doesn't alter between POST and
the OS loading so I know that isolates it from any OS dependency..

I'll try a chat with the Park Royal chaps over the phone to get estimates.

Thanks once again for all your help :)



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