[Gllug] Do you still have meetings?

sean S.Tohill at westminster.ac.uk
Sun May 29 22:53:58 UTC 2011

On 29/05/2011 23:38, Chris Bell wrote:
> On Sun 29 May, sean wrote:
>> On 29/05/2011 21:01, Chris Bell wrote:
>>>      Sean, is it still possible to have a hands-on day in the University of
>>> Westminster Lab? Would anyone else be interested? Perhaps a Saturday would
>>> allow a reasonable amount of time.
>> i'm not sure there is enough interest these days.
>> regards
>> sean
>     This correspondence list has a number of very knowledgable experienced
> users who are happy to offer advice. GLLUG started with a relatively small
> number of ebthusiasts who wanted to use a new system. We are now in a
> situation where large numbers of people are starting to discover that there
> is more than Microsoft, but one of the differences is the amount there is to
> learn about. So we should have more new users trying to learn about a huge
> amount of software. Does the GLLUG membership reflect that?
the ones i talk to cite the success of ubuntu and the much easier 
installation of other distros as reasons not to have hands on sessions. 
the same argument has been made before on this list.
this is the first academic year at the university i haven't had a 
student come to see me because they couldn't get linux installed, or 
more usually wifi to work.

specialist hands on might be a different matter and a good talk is 
probably of interest to many people.

i think the days of taking machines apart in the lab to install a distro 
have gone :)



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