[Gllug] App development for children

Bernard Peek bap at shrdlu.com
Fri May 20 09:56:56 UTC 2011

On 20/05/11 09:29, Martin N Stevens wrote:

> the kids can trivially circumvent (but costs £100s per port per year).
> Maybe thats your network but it sure as hell isn't mine, and most of
> the other network managers I know take massive pride in the stability,
> and lack of virii on there network,
> There is a lot of technical comptence in the IT support in schools,
> let me point you to http://www.edugeek.net so you can see the
> community that has built up around Education IT support.

I used to manage a support service for a school. We kept the system free
of viruses and malware but it was an ongoing battle. The main problem
was dealing with pirated sound and video files.


Bernard Peek
bap at shrdlu.com

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