[Gllug] Mail Migration Problem

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Thu Nov 3 11:20:07 UTC 2011


I'm helping a friend migrate their e-mail from local folders on 
Thunderbird to a Cyrus IMAP server. The have approx 7G of messages in a 
hierarchy of folders.

When I select one of the folders that contains several sub-folders and 
drag it over, Thunderbird seems to get bored and gives up. There are too 
many folders to do them one at a time. Sometimes it creates part of the 
hierarchy on the Cyrus server and it copies some of the messages, but 
not all. What it does seems to depend on the time of day, phases of the 
moon and the state of the tides. The are no error messages from it or 
Cyrus. But Thunderbird keeps running and you can select and view the 
half complete mess.

My faith in T'bird as an e-mail client has evaporated. I've used 
Seamonkey (T'bird clone) with Cyrus for years without any problems.

Does anyone know of some software that understands T'birds local file 
structure. It has folders ending in sdb, msf files and extensionless 
files that FC14 says are mailbox files. (The content looks that way too) 
Would Dovecot make sense of the mailbox files and I could then move the 
mail over with Imapsync?



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