[Gllug] UK schools education and FOSS

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Thu Oct 20 19:42:20 UTC 2011

   I am not an expert, but I feel that the UK is falling far behind the rest
of the world at least partly because many teachers and schools are totally
ignorant of what is available, so provide little or no help to students. The
school examinations should not favour any poor quality operating system,
least of all a poor quality proprietary operating system, but there appears
to have been almost an embargo on information about FOSS from the education
   Some stands with individual Open Source packages have appeared in the two
main education exhibitions, the BETT show in London and the Education Show
in Birmingham in recent years, but would there be any support for a larger
FOSS general demonstration area with space for entire distributions, an Open
Source Village?

Chris Bell www.chrisbell.org.uk
Microsoft sells you Windows ... Linux gives you the whole house.

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