[Gllug] Fedora 15

Justin Perreault justinperreault at dl-jp.com
Wed Sep 21 16:39:01 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-09-20 at 20:55 +0100, Mick Farmer wrote:
> I'm currently running Fedora 14 and haven't seen compelling
> reasons for upgrading to Fedora 15.  If any of you out there
> run Fedora, I'd like to know your views on upgrading.

Fedora 15 did not seem to support encryption on install which was a deal
breaker for me. I may be remembering wrong but dumped it to go to F14(I
started from F9 and F12 machines).

The interface is different when using it(F15) straight from install as a
desktop but I feel that it provided a more efficient and effective way
of working. Even my wife found it reasonably quick to adapt to while I
was trying it out over a period of about a week.

If trying it, repeat to your self "Why was the other way better than
what they are making me do here?" I always try to enjoy change but it
takes effort.

> Possibly straight to Fedora 16?

I would suggest waiting the 6 weeks and using the time to check what is
expected in F16 that will be of benefit to you. 

The 4.5 months that have passed since the last release may or may not
have improved F15(don't know haven't tried it) however, towards the end
of the F15 life cycle, F19-F20ish?, you may find you want to upgrade for
what ever reason and find that the available current release is not
desirable for some reason. 

The problem being, as I see it, that support starts to drift off and you
may feel pressure to upgrade at that time, which may or may not be an
appropriate for you release. So  you start needing to assess what risks
you are opening yourself too by waiting longer, or you start back
tracking through releases to find one that you are happy with. 

By waiting you buy back that 4.5 months at the end of the cycle if F16
works out and you can still try doing F15 if F16 does not. 

I am not a true cutting edge sort of user so I don't dedicate time to
catching each release.

I am on F14 now and based on my available time I will likely not try F16
but will make it a priority to check F17 and decide, then, if I want to
try F17 is suitable, try F16 or wait till F18.


ps is it my imagination or are Fedora releases better on even numbers? 

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