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Thu Apr 5 18:57:38 UTC 2012

On 5 April 2012 15:34, John Hearns <hearnsj at googlemail.com> wrote:

> On 05/04/2012, Andrew Farnsworth <farnsaw at stonedoor.com> wrote:
> > I believe he is talking about TRIM support which Linux didn't have at
> > first.  It really depends on the file system and settings.  Google for it
> > and you find that Ext4 and Btrfs support it (and maybe others) but you
> may
> > have to pass parameters.
> >
> At the risk of being rude to Robert, this is an example of how FUD spreads.
> There is an example quoted on some support forum or other, or on a
> blog, along the lines of "Linux does not support Device XYZ" or "Linux
> cannot do ABC"
> Months or years later, when there IS support for XYZ and ABC in the
> Linux kernel the information surfaces again.
> Sorry Robert - really and honestly not a personal attack on you, but I
> have seen how FUD regarding Linux propagates. And remember Linux does
> not have a huge marketing budget behind it. Yes I DO know that Redhat
> is a billion dollar company these days, but we don't see the blitz of
> television and press advertisign for a new Redhat version etc. etc.
> etc.   s/Redhat/Ubuntu/ to your liking.
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Not rude at all and I actually appreciate what you are saying (I'm assuming
FUD means Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt?) I have recently come to realise that
(a) quality information is hard to come-by on the iNet (b) A lot of info is
very scattered, making it extremely difficult to learn from. So I try to
stick to (expensive) [e]?books where possible now. But maybe the above is
what had raised my concerns regarding TRIM that Andrew correctly deducted
from my message.

Mr Ford:
I recently just brought the same modem, but I'm plugg into a Cisco E3200. I
hadn't considered the idea of getting a router I could install custom wares
on, sounds fun. But this is why I'm now looking to build a new project/mini
pc to give me that role and flexibility.

I use to look at LHS website and IRC, what's it like down there? was always
too chicken to randomly go down there since I don't know anyone.
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