[Gllug] Gnome3 on Fedora 16 (Again)

DL Neil gllug at getaroundtoit.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 01:13:36 UTC 2012


On 18/04/12 11:45, Mick Farmer wrote:
> Dear dn,
> I've inherited my username from Fedora 14 before I upgraded to Fedora
> 16.  My uid/gid is 500/500.
> I used useradd to add user test to my system.  The default uid/gid
> created was 1000/1000.  When I activated the sign in menu, that user was
> offered.

I remember reading in the Release Notes (one of the recent Fred 
releases) something about expanding the lower-numbered UID/GUID 
allocations from a 'pool' of 500 up to 1,000.

> So, how does the sign in process decide who can be included in the sign
> in menu from all the user names in /etc/passwd?  uid/gid? /home entry?
> something else?

Perhaps the above has something to do with it - that and the fact that 
you came the 'upgrade' route (cf a fresh installation). At the same 
time, the guys working on id, authentication, and authorisation may have 
(exclusively) implemented the new regime...

FWIW my clean install's 'first user' does indeed have a UID of 1000.

Apparently there was no concept of 'translating' old id allocs to the 
new scheme. I wonder if there is a post-fact conversion-package?

(haven't looked at migration facilities/concerns - am usually too 
chicken to upgrade between releases, and simply let YUM do its thing or 
(re-)start a new m/c with 'fresh')

> I hope someone out there knows the answer!

I'm a cynic from way-back, so guessed it might be something to do with 
"once was true, no longer is" coupled with a dose of "left hand...right 

A more believable (and factual) explanation is above my pay-grade...

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