[GLLUG] Meet Up This Saturday 12.30pm @ Mozilla Space

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Sat Dec 8 13:15:32 UTC 2012

On 12/08/2012 09:07 AM, Chris Bell wrote:
> On Sat 08 Dec, Nix wrote:
>> On 7 Dec 2012, Matthew Copperwaite verbalised:
>>> Good to have you along. There is no sign up, just turn up. Judging by the
>>> last meet I doubt we'll be really full.
>> I wonder if that's because half the people who once would have learned
>> about it via the mailing list no longer will. After the most recent list
>> snafus, the list has been stone cold dead: did most of the old
>> subscribers get quietly dropped?
>     I understand that the old list of subscribers was lost, so it was
> eventually replaced by a list of contributors recovered from various
> archives. There were also problems with write access to the website.

Matt has resolved most of the issues, the 'list' of members is as good as we are going to get based on addresses provided by active members. If anyone who was on the old list really had an interest they'd check the website (Or friends) and would then see that the mailing list is very much alive.

The list is not quiet just more civilised than it used to be, which is nice. :-)

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