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Details are below for the February OSHUG meeting, which may be of
interest to anyone who has a project that they would like to take to
manufacturing, would like to create an Arduino shield, or that has or
would like to build a RepRap.




OSHUG #16 — Manufacturing (Breadboard to Finished Product, Arduino
Shield, Modular RepRap Electronics)
On the 23rd February 2012, 18:00 - 20:00 at Centre for Creative
Collaboration, 16 Acton Street, London, WC1X 9NG (51.529049,

Registration: http://oshug.org/event/16

At the sixteenth OSHUG meeting we will be hearing about first-hand
experiences of taking an open source hardware design from being a
project to a product. With insights into prototyping, some of the
manufacturing options available and the challenges that may be

— From Breadboard to Finished Product

You have a cool project, people are sending you emails asking where
they could get their hands on one and you find yourself googling
"electronics manufacturing"... Should you get yourself a toaster oven
and start a miniature production line in your living room or should
you just outsource it? What challenges await you if you decide to go
down the contract manufacturing route? This talk aims to give the
audience an overview of the electronics manufacturing process, using a
project recently completed by the speaker as a case study.

Omer Kilic is theoretically still a research student at the University
of Kent, although he intends to submit his thesis (which is about a
reconfigurable heterogeneous computing framework) pretty soon. He
likes tiny computers, things that 'just work' and beer. He currently
works for Erlang Solutions in London, exploring the use of Erlang
programming language in the Embedded Systems domain and develops tools
and support material to help the adoption of this technology.

— Arduino Shield: From Design to Manufacturing

The Arduino CAN-Bus shield gives the Arduino CAN-Bus capability. In
this presentation we will learn about the design process from PCB
layout and prototyping, to testing with a simulator and eventually
testing with a real car. And about the perils of using a simulator,
small scale production and outsourcing.

Sukkin Pang is a design engineer and a director at SK Pang Electronics
Ltd. He graduated from the University of Hertfordshire and has over 20
years of industrial experience. He is passionate about open source
hardware and has four Arduino shields published. He used to tinker in
assembler on the Z80, 6502, PIC and AVR, but nowadays he mainly uses C
and C++.

— Design and Build of Modular RepRap Electronics

After meeting at OggCamp 2011 a number of people decided to form a
Thames Valley area group for those interested in using and building
RepRap 3D printers, and Thames Valley RepRap User Group (TVRRUG) was
born. Alan Wood offered to help out with the electronics side of
printer builds, expecting that only a handful 3D printing geeks would
join up. One month later the group were organising a build of 20
RepRaps and 30 complete sets of electronics! They had originally
decided to go with a kit-based approach for this, but couldn't find a
modular candidate that would meet their requirements. So they took
matters into their own hands and Alan and the group designed a new
modular kit [See: DSMM and OMC] that can be used both with RepRap and
other Cartesian robotic platforms. In this talk Alan will go through
the distributed design and build process they adopted, as well as
covering details of the design itself.

Alan Wood originally trained in systems engineering, got lost in
software engineering and open source for a decade, before returning
back to his hardware roots via the open source hardware and makers
movement that has gathered momentum over the last few years.

Note: Please aim to arrive for 18:00 - 18:20 as the talks will start
at 18:30 prompt.

Sponsored by: DesignSpark — http://www.designspark.com

Registration: http://oshug.org/event/16

Andrew Back
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