[Gllug] home server rack - quiet options

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Feb 16 17:34:22 UTC 2012

hi Guys,

I have now been living ( and surviving .. ) for 3 months with only my
laptop inside the house. All the desktop / server machines have been
sitting in the garage. An experiment to see if I could get by with just
machines in the DC and whatever I could do on the laptop. Its worked
well ( the laptop is an i5/8gb ram/ssd ).

But now I miss my home lab, and want to bring it back to life. Thats 4
Desktop tower box's and 5 rack servers. The rack these machines were in,
sadly didnt survive the home move last year.

So, given a very limited budget - what would everyone recommend in terms
of 'storage' to park these machines, in the garage. Just getting an ikea
bookshelf and stacking stuff up seems quite enticing.

I have enough power in there, and I have a WiFi/Enet bridge, so power +
network should be a solved issue already.

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