[Gllug] Ps2pdf

Mick Farmer mick at dcs.bbk.ac.uk
Sat Feb 25 17:55:24 UTC 2012

Dear GLLUGers,

I'm running Fedora 14 and can't find a Postscript to PDF
converter that works on an extract of the original file.
This is basically what I'm doing.

     latex input.tex output.ps
     psselect -p12-20 output.ps snip.ps
     ps2pdf snip.ps snip.pdf

Latex will generate a complete PDF file, but I can't find a
program to extract some pages out of that. File snip.ps
displays fine with gv.  Ps2pdf crashes with a message about
a missing file in snip.ps.

Any help gratefully accepted.


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