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John Hearns hearnsj at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 30 19:10:56 UTC 2012

In fact, what you want is a terminal concentrator.
Enable a serial console on your machine, and get an ethernet enabled
terminal server.
We used to ship these on all machines at Streamline - they are a 1U
box at the top of the
rack, which looks like an Ethernet switch. but all the RJ45s are serial lines,
and you use a Cat 5 to the rear of the machine, and a Cat5 to DB9 adapter.
Cyclades are the trade name you're looking for.


Also used them at the Framestore.

but as I say these days you use BMCs with IPMI - stills erial
consoles, but they run over the IPMI interface.

On 30/01/2012, John Hearns <hearnsj at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I guess what you mean is 'my systems don't happen to have BMCs John'
> All we have are standard tower type cases.
> Yes, there used to be remote PCI cards which had serial interfaces on
> them - I forget what they were called. Probably died the death a long
> time ago.
> Also you should look at PCOIP   www.teradici.com
> This is KVM over IP - however you don;t in general get BIOS level access.
> On 30/01/2012, John Hearns <hearnsj at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Rich,
>>   you mean like using IPMI?
>> Other names for this are BMCs (baseboard management controllers) or in
>> Dell speak ILOMs
>> they are embedded processors on the motherboard (or a small duaghter
>> card)
>> you can power up/power down systems, get system health variables, and
>> remote consoles right down to the BIOS level if need be.
>> I use BMCs all the time - I can VPN in from home and bring systems up,
>> or power them down.
>> On 30/01/2012, Rich Walker <rw at shadowrobot.com> wrote:
>>> Possibly a slightly odd request, but has anyone seen something that does
>>> the equivalent of "attach a 3G dongle to a KVM switch"? We occasionally
>>> want to get access to a remote computer in a random foreign country
>>> before it has network connectivity, and this seems like the only
>>> sensible solution...
>>> cheers, Rich.
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