[Gllug] [OT] data protection 'phone calls

Robert W mail at binaryexistence.co.uk
Tue Jan 31 20:55:04 UTC 2012

On 31/01/12 11:58, Alain Williams wrote:
> Somewhat OT for the list, but I suspect that someone may have the info that I want.
> Hi,
> I am having a row with a UK Govt department. When they 'phone (number with held) they
> insist in me proving who I am ('what is your NI number') before they will prove
> who they are[**] - the result is that I refuse to speak to them.
> I have told them about social engineering and scammers who 'phone people, they
> can't see my point and just got annoyed when I said that I had to regard their
> staff 'phoning me as scammers.
> Can anyone point me to succinct advice (preferably from the UK govt, police,
> ICO, ...) that says that it is good practice to for an organisation to provide
> proof of who they are when the 'phone someone to discuss private/sensitive
> matters. I have tried googling, but not really come up with what I am looking
> for.
> Thanks
> [**] They say that the will not prove who they are since would involve them
> giving out personal information when they are not sure of my identity :-)
> They persist in 'phoning me in spite of my repeated requests to correspond by
> post, but that is a secondary issue.
I would normally tell them I've phone them back on the phone number
listed in the direct inquiries or website. It's very difficult for them
to prove to you who they are as it's likely they are treating you the
same as you treat them, possible scammer.

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