[GLLUG] Next Greater London LUG meet

Matthew Copperwaite mattcopp at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 17:06:54 UTC 2012

Hi Guys,

First of all sorry I've been so absent since we met pretty much a
month ago now. June was pretty much a write off for me and I'm finally
catching up with stuff.

Second, to those who were worried they missed the second meet: no you
didn't. So good news everybody!

Greater London LUG official meet.

I'm very excited to announce that the next meet will happen on the
11th of August (Saturday) from 12 to 4pm at the Google London Campus.

The campus is right in the 'Silicon Roundabout' area quite close to
Old Street and is a pretty new venue.

There will be of course drinks at a local public house after.

I'm looking for people to give talks on things, especially those who
I've spoken to before about doing talks. So if you have something to
show off please let me know and I'll fit you in.

I'm a little short of details at the moment. Surprisingly enough the
guys at the Campus are a little lax at replying to e-mail but I wanted
to give you all as much warning as possible.

I hope you all can make.


4-5 Bonhill Street,

August 11th 2012 @ 12-4pm

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