[Gllug] What are the best practices for Linux partitioning &

t.clarke tim at seacon.co.uk
Wed Mar 7 06:41:51 UTC 2012

Just out of curiosity:
If the read-rate on outer tracks is greater than on inner-tracks, this implies
that the outer tracks have more sectors per track than the innetr tracks.
So, I assume therefore that all disc accesses must be done by logical block
addressing rather than the 'old' way of cylinder/head/sector, with the disc
firmware 'knowing' how many tracks on each cylinder(group) ?

With regard to seek time, do discs generally re-position the heads when idle
to a default position (cyinder 0?) or stay where they are until the next
read/write?  If the heads don't reposition on 'idle' then I guess it really
doesn't matter where the data is on the platter providing the most frequently
accessed stuff is close together.  To that end does LVM defeat that object
on resizing partitions by having the logical partition spread across
different areas of the disc?
Oh, and is cylinder 0 on the outside or the inside?

Personally I have always worked on the basis of several smaller discs being
better than one big one, thus minimising seek times.

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