[Gllug] VACANCY: Linux Systems Administrator

Dimitrios Siganos dimitris at siganos.org
Wed Mar 21 21:46:47 UTC 2012

On 21/03/12 10:23, Jason Clifford wrote:
> No it doesn't. The law is no different for foreign companies. All
> employment within the UK is subject to UK (and EU) law not US law.

You obviously haven't been reading the news lately:

It would seem obvious that a Briton could/should not possibly have to
worry about breaking US laws while operating in Britain. Alas, that
doesn't seem to be case.

Obviously, you are talking about employment law. And in that case, you
are right that US employment law doesn't apply here. But I thought you
might find it interesting that there are cases when US law does apply in
Britain. It seems to apply whenever you undermine Hollywood's "God given
right" to "print money" unchallenged.

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