[GLLUG] VACANCY: Junior Systems Engineer

Alex Marchwiak leming at ehion.com
Wed Sep 26 21:10:52 UTC 2012

Howdy chaps,

I happened to be in a position of hiring someone that is at junior level 
with linux but is willing to learn and hopefuly aim higher than that - I 
don't want to
train someone and then see them go :)
Main skills required are general linux but some windows and vmware skills 
would not hurt. The person we're looking for is someone that is not scared 
of command
prompts whether its linux or cisco...

Pay: around 30k
Location: Heathrow, Bath Road

We are a software company, mainly java developers so few tomcats and 
jbosses to look after but also usual php/apache/mysql to maintain. There 
is fair bit of
virtualization to look after - in most cases vmware esxi platform. All 
monitored with icinga/nagios and mrtg/cacti and own scripts. Its all 
pretty much in place, we
just need another pair of hands...
We are in two datacentres so occasional trip to either Maidenhead or 
Greenwich may be required.

We offer the usual employment goodies - 25days holiday, pension plan, 
health care plan, iphone...

If you are looking for a fun environment/place to work and you think you 
got some relevant skills - email me off list to arrange interview or if 
you have any
questions I will be more than happy to answer.



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