[GLLUG] What have BT done to our nearest cabinet?

Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Thu Aug 1 05:50:52 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-07-31 at 21:16 +0000, Chris Bell wrote:

>    I have just been to the centre of Hounslow where the street lamps have
> sprouted fairly large solar panels and wind turbines. I wondered how soon
> one will blow down in a gale or collapse when nudged by a passing vehicle.
> The lamps on the overhead A40 near White City were completely removed "for
> safety reasons" because they were in danger of falling over without any
> additional loads.

I am seriously considering starting a campaign against these silly
windmills.  They only exist because the last government needed to be
seen to be doing "something" to resolve the power generation issue.

When you point out that the manufacture, construction, transport and
installation of a wind turbine will actually consume more energy than it
will ever generate in its lifetime, that it will never offset the carbon
expended to put it there, and actually gets fed electricity to keep it
turning (to prevent it seizing) in low wind periods, the average "green"
gets very upset!

The government grants (aka "bribes") offered by the last crowd of
Westminster criminals meant that wind turbines were a licence to print
money!  The owners of these turbines never earn enough from generation
to offset their capital costs - they never can - but the grants filled
lots of pockets!

The next "green" complaints will be about "Fracking".  No amount of
explanation, no regime of mandatory inspection and no "Guardian" article
will be enough to shut the usual idiots up.  The process that's being
used in this country is rather more sophisticated than the way it's done
elsewhere, and appears to be relatively clean, but you can't ever
explain that sort of thing to a "green"....


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