[GLLUG] Getting CUPS to auto-resume

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.org.uk
Thu Dec 19 17:28:36 UTC 2013

I believe this is the behaviour of CUPS when it received an error from the printer. Some printers do better error reporting than others, and so you may well see different results. My printer behaves the same way you've observed - I have to restart the queue.

In CUPS 1.3, there is an ErrorPolicy stanza in the conf file that is documented as having a default value of "stop-printer". There are retry options and intervals that can be chosen - I'd try with those, but there's a risk it might retry the entire job rather than just the ending pages.


John Winters <john at sinodun.org.uk> wrote:
>On 19/12/13 16:12, James Courtier-Dutton wrote:
>> I have never seen this behaviour.
>> With my printer connected to a Linux machine via CUPS does the
>> 1) Printer indicates that it has run out of paper.
>> 2) Add new paper.
>> 3) Printer just continues on. No interaction with CUPS needed.
>Good point.  That is the behaviour which I observe on my own printer 
>also.  There is therefore something else which he is doing which causes
>the printer to get paused (or it may just be because it's a weird 
>Samsung printer with its own CUPS driver).
>Whatever he's doing, it would be nice to be able to tell CUPS not to 
>auto-pause the printer.
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