[GLLUG] Meetings?

DL Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Fri Dec 27 21:23:57 UTC 2013

> Thanks for your reply, hope you had a good X mas. OK, I'm fairly new to
> London so not sure how much good I would be at helping organise events
> but I guess I could look at the feasibility. Will need to join you on
> the IRC to get a feel for what people are thinking.

Topic ideas
Finding guest speakers
Speaking to others who might have additional 'contacts'
Publicising the occasion
Arranging a location (even if someone else tells you 'where')
Organising the venue on the day
Checking traffic/transport advice

Being you:
sweep others along with your enthusiasm (and competence)
ensure Matt doesn't feel that he is "the only one"
[at one time we had ~four 'organisers' which meant not only a wider
'catchment' of ideas and speakers, but a sharing of the work-load into
'specialties'... More to the point, having some 'focus' meant that
suggestions could be channeled and then enacted!]

Understanding GLLUG:
(not that I claim such)
there's a community of discussion list posters and lurkers
there's a group who would like to attend meetings
the overlap of each set of enthusiasts is not necessarily large!
there are cynics who know it all but achieve little
the (both) majority is un-heard but is the constituency

Oh, and Christmas greetings to all!


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