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On 9 February 2013 16:09, Adrian McMenamin <adrianmcmenamin at gmail.com>wrote:

> Apologies for the OT post.
> But I have had an email from Talk Talk saying they are ending their TV
> service and that I have to "upgrade" to their Talk Talk Plus service, which
> requires me to switch telecom provider, which I'd rather not.
> But it seems I have no other real option - Freeview reception here is
> rubbish and so I have to have a cable/ADSL supplied TV (or satellite I
> suppose).
> Anyone aware of any other option? It seems this part of N4 is not even
> cabled according to Virgin and BT's service only supplies the "on demand"
> stuff via the phone line.
> Thanks
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If I had the option I would go with FreeSat as your source and go for ADSL
(I agree that Virgin should not have any of my or anyone else's money).

FreeSat receivers depending on whether you want to go for HD or not can be
pretty cheap and there are some PCI FreeSat receivers that hook in
extremely well with XBMC which you can use to pull stuff from iPlayer, 4od
and others. Or you could go for any of the millions of streaming boxes
available at the moment such as Now TV or BlinkBox.

If you have a Sky dish already on the building you can also use that
without having to add another dish or move it or anything.

Food for thought I hope.

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