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Phil Dobbin bukowskiscat at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 18:36:49 UTC 2013

On 02/09/2013 04:09 PM, Adrian McMenamin wrote:

> Apologies for the OT post.
> But I have had an email from Talk Talk saying they are ending their TV
> service and that I have to "upgrade" to their Talk Talk Plus service,
> which requires me to switch telecom provider, which I'd rather not.
> But it seems I have no other real option - Freeview reception here is
> rubbish and so I have to have a cable/ADSL supplied TV (or satellite I
> suppose).
> Anyone aware of any other option? It seems this part of N4 is not even
> cabled according to Virgin and BT's service only supplies the "on
> demand" stuff via the phone line.

I'm using BT's Infinity Unlimited broadband (option 2) which is
excellent (75 Mbps down & 15 Mpbs up) & have recently added their You
View package for the TV stuff down the broadband line.

Straightforward set up & 105 channels (of crap, admittedly but that's
the same whoever you go with). The On Demand & NowTV (SKY, basically)
works OK & doesn't interfere with the pipe too much but is expensive
(NowTV is £15 a month after the initial three months).

If BT can supply you with Infinity (I'm in Ruislip Manor, so why you
wouldn't be able to get in N4 is a mystery), it's a worthwhile option to



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