[GLLUG] CD R/W problem?

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Mon Feb 25 10:10:14 UTC 2013

   I normally use K3B on Debian to burn CD and DVD discs.
   I can burn an ISO image to a blank CD R/W, and if there is already an ISO
image on the disc I am asked whether it should be erased first.
   I can burn data and files as a "project" to a disc, and there is a menu
option to erase discs which allows me to re-use a disc for other data files.
   I can not re-use a disc that has previously carried data files to burn an
ISO image, even if it has been "erased". I am not offered the option to
erase the disc first.
   Have I missed something, or is there a command line option? Is it a drive
   Thanks for any info.

Chris Bell www.chrisbell.org.uk
Microsoft sells you Windows ... Linux gives you the whole house.

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