[GLLUG] What have BT done to our nearest cabinet?

Jacob Mansfield cyberjacob at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 18:49:13 UTC 2013

On 26 Jul 2013, at 7:12PM, John Winters wrote:
> Thanks!
> http://nimbus.sinodun.org.uk/DSCF5545.JPG
> http://nimbus.sinodun.org.uk/DSCF5546.JPG
> Cheers,
> John

Well, that's certainly an interesting combination.
I'm guessing that you live in a built-up area with lots of apartments. We normally fit two normal cabs for this, so I'm guessing it's also a fairly old installation.
From what I can tell, you do have a DSLAM in there (the DSLAM is the bit that turns analogue ADSL into ethernet, and is moved from the exchange to the cab when the cab is upgraded to fibre)
However I can't be entirely sure without a postcode. If you'd email me off-list, I'd be glad to look up specific details in the system.

Kind Regards,
Jacob Mansfield

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