[GLLUG] What have BT done to our nearest cabinet?

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Wed Jul 31 20:15:56 UTC 2013

On Wed 31 Jul, Christopher Hunter wrote:

> I like the French attitude:  "That's the right place to put it, so we'll
> put it there, and no, you can't complain about it!"  This applies to
> everything from power plants and radio transmitting stations to roads
> and railways.  They don't mess about. If you're stupid enough to be
> scared of the installation of a mobile phone base in the vicinity of
> your house, move house!

   They also pay over the odds in compensation, (and can afford to because
they do not waste huge amounts of money in legal expenses), so people are
delighted to be given the chance to accept changes.

> Then the poor deluded dears believe that "wind energy" is going to keep
> the lights on.......

   I have just been to the centre of Hounslow where the street lamps have
sprouted fairly large solar panels and wind turbines. I wondered how soon
one will blow down in a gale or collapse when nudged by a passing vehicle.
The lamps on the overhead A40 near White City were completely removed "for
safety reasons" because they were in danger of falling over without any
additional loads.

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