[GLLUG] VACANCY: office desktop support

Nick Cleaton ncleaton at gambitresearch.com
Thu May 9 15:17:53 UTC 2013

Location: Hammersmith, London
Minimum Salary: £30k

We are a company of about 50 with a mixture of windows and linux desktops.
We're looking to hire someone to take charge of support for the desktops.
The problems you'd be expected to solve would include "my PC is too slow",
"windows don't drag smoothly between displays", "I want more/bigger
screens", "we don't know what desktop hardware to buy", and so on.  This
role would suit someone who's comfortable with tinkering to get things

We are open to the option of migrating some or most of the windows users
onto linux, if it proves feasible.  There are various things that you'd
need to get working under linux first, so any such migration will not be
quick and may not happen at all.  You do need to be prepared to support
windows users.

As this is primarily a support role, you need to be an approachable person
who's comfortable with frequent interruptions.  No commercial experience is
required, just the right personality and the ability to get things to work.

Please contact me off-list if interested.

Nick Cleaton
ncleaton at gambitresearch.com
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