[GLLUG] RAID1 and Debian 7.2.0 installer

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Mon Oct 14 14:54:57 UTC 2013

On 14/10/13 14:14, John Edwards wrote:
> The first thing to check is whether a machine that old can detect the
> 3TB disks correctly. Then check whether the 3TB disks are partitioned
> using the DOS style partitions or the newer GPT partitions.
> Also I assume that the machine can not boot using EFI and so uses a
> conventional PC BIOS.

I have had all sorts of "interesting" issues with accessing 
partitions/disks >> 2TB and have not yet got a successful general 
solution using single partitions (or equivalents) and any form of 
software RAID. The tools overall are limited in number and there's not 
much up to date info around.

I guess ZFS/BtrFS would eventually be a comprehensive answer.

The solution I have adopted for some machines is as follows:

- partitions or disks >2TB using LVM on RAW on hardware RAID for data 
mounted into...

- a separate <2TB partition (or sometimes a USB key) for the boot and/or 

- but that does not help you.

It's possible to do Software RAID on LVM partitions but... complex. 
Horrid even.

The only times I have lost data on Linux it has involved LVM + Software 
RAID (together - separately, they are just fine to fix)

Some resources I have used:


- http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/ (gdisk is good IMHO)

- http://www.ghacks.net/2010/06/03/copy-partitions-with-gparted/

There is a link here that might have some info:


Good luck. You might want a newer machine though.

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