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On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 10:11:33AM +0100, Dylan wrote:
> On 20/04/14 09:22, Don Williams wrote:
> >Deeply offensive.
> Howso? Company directors have a legal duty to act in the best
> interest of /the company/ and that duty is almost universally
> interpreted to mean: make as much profit as possible / ensure the
> highest possible share value. Just because it's stated with cynical
> hyperbole doesn't make it offensive.

Agreed that they have a legal duty to maximise profit within the law. However
there are things that, while legal, damage the society that they are in. Eg it
is quite legal to:

* pollute to the maximum permitted just to save a few bob

* be a patent troll

* screw your employees down as much as possible, minimum wage if possible

* don't train employees - expect other companies to do that and take people
  ''with experience''

* screw customers by exploiting clauses buried deep in contracts knowing well
  that they won't read them or forget small points[**]

* make donations to politicians' favourite causes to influence legislation/...

* be known to employ retired civil servants who have favourably awarded them contracts

* exploit tax rules in such a way as to get unfair advantage

There was a piece on the BBC a few days ago saying that the USA is an oligarchy,
not a democracy (ie it is run by a few powerful groups). It is legal, but is it
right that a few get what they want regardless of it being good for the majority ?


Yes: all legal. But moral ?

PS: do trim your posts & not top post.

[**] A friend of mine is involved with a legal case where a company offered a
service (product directory) for a couple of grand a year. Their web site just
about offers this, all customers say they want to cancel when they get the 2nd
year's bill -- company points out that if they want to cancel they must give 3
months notice -- which is now past & threaten to sue. Most of their clients just
pay rather than fight.

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