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Matthew Walster matthew at walster.org
Sun Apr 20 14:07:58 UTC 2014

Don't worry, from past experiences on this list, he's a troll prone to
making stuff up to prove a point. :)

 On 20 Apr 2014 15:51, "Don Williams" <dwilliams344 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Oh dear - he seems upset. I've seen it all anyway - I'm 80. Don Williams
> On 20 April 2014 12:20, Christopher Hunter <cehunter at gb-x.org> wrote:
>> On 20/04/14 09:22, Don Williams wrote:
>>> Deeply offensive. Isn't it bad enough that we have free-market-nutters
>>> messing up computing without such stone-age numptys entering the fray? Don
>>> Williams
>>>  Numpties who top post are pretty offensive, too.  Obviously you don't
>> recognise irony or sarcasm when you read it.  I am deeply offended by being
>> described as a "nutter" - I assume that you're some kind of scrounging
>> socialist type who chooses not to work, and lives off the efforts of the
>> rest of us?  Or worse yet, you're a "teacher"....
>> The "free market" is a fact of life.  Even those "numpties" at Microsoft
>> and Apple (and many others) haven't recognised this, and persist with their
>> restrictive practices (often illegal in many territories, and some of which
>> could be considered to be "demanding money with menaces", but that's
>> another issue).  Open Source software, hardware and even its ethos are
>> obviously the way forward.  Even Government is beginning to recognise this
>> (for example:  I'm a Linux-using senior Civil Servant).
>> Perhaps Mr Williams is scared of open and free competition.  It has to be
>> remembered that all progress is (usually) pushed by competition, and we're
>> in a unique situation.  At this juncture, we have almost 30% of the
>> computers worldwide crippled by an obsolete "Operating System":
>> What have the Linux "big boys" done about it?  Virtually nothing. This
>> prime opportunity to persuade a massive potential userbase to move to FOSS
>> is being almost entirely missed.  Linux is still widely derided as being
>> "for geeks" and "difficult".  Obviously we all know this isn't true (though
>> some elitists wish it still was!).  If we'd all had our wits about us, we
>> would have won over this huge number of users, but advertising is seen as a
>> dirty word by most FOSS organisations, so we will remain as a small,
>> unseen, rather selective proportion of users.
>> Incidentally, Mr Williams - as far as being "stone-age" is concerned, I'm
>> writing and using code that's (probably) a year or two ahead of anything
>> you've seen, so that accusation can't be levelled at me!
>> C.
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