[GLLUG] REPLY BY 9am Tuesday 16th - Evidence required of shortcomings with Microsoft's implementation of ODF

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This is wanted to present to the Home Office, seedetails below.

Please reply directly to Stuart, CCed [working for Open Source Consortium].

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Subject: [OSC-Members] REPLY BY 9am Tuesday 16th - Evidence required of shortcomings with Microsoft's implementation of ODF

I have had a short conversation with Tariq Rashid (Home Office) today,
he has asked if we can provide any points of reference to show that
the Microsoft implementation of ODF is not complete, therefore will
hinder the adherence to the ODF commitments.

There have been many anecdotes around the shortcomings of editing and
indexing, metadata not being preserved and significant areas of
functionality missing, for example Change Tracking.

To assist Tariq, it would be really useful to be able to provide
references that support these shortcomings.

I have sent him a link to http://officeshots.org/ as the round-trip
ODF function will show what gets pulled out.

Can you send over any links to tools, discussions and conclusions that
relate to any shortcomings with the MS implementation of ODF, and what
the impacts may be.

For this request, I would need any responses by 09:00 GMT tomorrow.



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