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On 22 Feb 2014 07:01, "John G Walker" <johngeoffreywalker at yahoo.co.uk>
> On Fri, 21 Feb 2014 23:37:17 +0000 Justin Perreault
> <justinperreault at dl-jp.com> wrote:
> > I would like a set up where I have 2-3 computers running the same
> > software and containing the same data files. I have been considering
> > rsync, csync, virtualisation, version control systems, servers...
> >
> > All systems are potentially mobile and could be without network
> > connectivity. There is also potential for only one system to be
> > available to all users. They need to operate individually as well as
> > syncing files from each when connected.
> I use Dropbox for this. Is there any reason why you can't use this
> solution, or create a setup that runs n the same principle (ie holds
> data in the cloud and updates every time it can connect)?
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>  All the best,
>  John

It is called a file server :-)

Dropbox, cloud ... NFS, Samba... NAS... One doesn't go replicating data all
around the place, one uses a file server.

As for cloning systems ( a logical separation should be made between your
data and your software) create a master copy of your system and document a
procedure to do the cloning you are comfortable with.

Machines going off line should suck all the data they need from the file
server ( assuming this happens in a controlled manner).

As for synchronizing data when a machine goes back online it depends
entirely in how your data is organized, one would need to know more in
order to suggest something.
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