[GLLUG] Seeing a wifi printer

DL Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Sat Jul 5 21:22:04 UTC 2014


On 06/07/14 00:58, John G Walker wrote:
> I have just set up a wifi printer (an Oki MC562W) and this works okay
> with my Windows 7 machine. However, I can't seem to see it from my

I don't have an Oki, but use an HP wi-fi printer.

> Linux OpenSuse 12.2 machine, running Samba 3.6.7 (the latest one in the
> repository). There's a workgroup called "printerver" that has appeared,
> which I assume has something to do with the printer, but when I try to
> open that I get told "can't access smb://printserver".
> Has anyone any ideas as to what is going on?


My home network doesn't (knowingly) run WINS, mDNS, or Bonjour (etc), so:
1 have given the print (server) a fixed IPaddr, and same in DNS svr;
2 when the hplip-provided HP (find and) config routine runs, it is given
the IPaddr.

Hope there's some parallel for you.


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