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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Mon Jul 21 09:48:06 UTC 2014

Hi All

So seeing as Dave Morely from Canonical is a slanderous fibber and makes out I am rude and aggressive I shall try the sandal wearing, tree hugging "You should discuss with your six year why it is bad to stab people rather than punishing them!" method of encouragement.

OggCamp is happening on the 4th & 5th  of October in the historic town of Oxford. It's a jolly wheeze where lots fun and interesting people get together to share their opensource experiences and passions. There will be some set talks over the two days on varying subjects ranging from "How I rob Banks" by Freakyclown to probably something mind crushingly dull ones like Postgres. There should be lots of stuff about Raspberry Pi's and or Arduino's and who knows, maybe Big Ron will be hamming it up with his CB stuff? (See what I did there? Ham? No? Oh forget it.) and then there will be small talks about who knows what set up at the very last minute maybe by you?

Most of the hardcore alcoholics like Adam Sweet will come down on the Friday (3rd) so they can get absolutely hammered out their skull while chatting the barmaid up "I used to be in music you know?" The Friday night is, to coin a phrase from Bill and Ted "Most excellent" and a good way to make new friends and throw up on them. So far the cheapest accommodation I have found (There must be cheaper.) is the Travelodge Peartree which is 0.4 up the road from the venue. I paid £74 for two nights.

I do so hope to see as many of you ladies and gentlemen there as possible. http://oggcamp.org/

Peter Cannon

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