[GLLUG] ssh key distribution tools

Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
Thu Mar 6 13:48:49 UTC 2014

ssh-copy-id is manual (once per box), I assume you've considered that.

Alternatively, NFS or similarly shared /home filesystem could do the job.

With ~60 boxes there's presumably some kind of automation already in 
place? If a sysadmin can copy a script to each box and execute it, it 
could place everyone's public keys in place and set the correct 
permissions. Devs only have to share their public key, not their private 

On 06/03/14 10:10, tid wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have a group of developers ( 12 ) who ssh into ~60 boxes using a few 
> shared keys. I'm looking for a steer on applications that can push out 
> a set of public keys based on a limited set of criteria - anyone got 
> any recommendations? I'm not really looking for fully fledged LDAP 
> services or anything too heavyweight as the target machines are locked 
> down behind firewalls ( and draconian firewall teams ) so only ssh is 
> available to me.
> Any suggestions gratefully received.
> Tid.
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