[GLLUG] EFM costs

Andy Smith andy at bitfolk.com
Thu Mar 6 16:59:20 UTC 2014

Hi Jean,

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 04:50:56PM +0000, Jean van Wyngaardt wrote:
> EFM where business is concerned is not a bad idea. You sure can get fast
> home fibre broadband with the 80 odd down and 12 up, but you also have high
> contention ratios and quality of service to contend with. Leased lines are
> 1:1 and have an uptime guarantee, which in a business context - it can be
> vital depending on what services your servers are running.

I would still consider bonding multiple connections that are backed
by both BT and an unbundled provider for diversity. Individually
they will be worse contention and lower availability than EFM, but
in combination they should be better and may represent good value
for money.

http://aaisp.net.uk/ can sell you such a product that will be pretty
much plug and play. They can do the EFM quote too though I wouldn't
expect it to be the cheapest, so I only mention them because they
are likely to be able to do you the bonded solution as an official


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