[GLLUG] Can a AOC VDU be addressed by Linux?

Don Williams buzzy.bonzo at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 12 16:02:04 UTC 2014

Hi again, a report: some research brought me to trying a distro of Puppy Linux (slack-5.3.1-SCSl-MAIN) burned on a CD. I think it made your point clear: that the issue is likely to be the Radeon graphics wotsit. On switching on the kit, it called for a downloading of W8.1 updates (nearly half an hour for that!), after which I managed to get a reporting menu from the CD, with only this reply: "This file is invalid as the following: Security Catalogue". Um. Then the mighty "system" kicked in demanding I choose a browser! The short list of suggestions brought a giggle from me as I switched it all off again. I'm not sure I've done much more to the system than to disable the Secure Boot and the screen shield, so there are probably more traps awaiting me.
    I have found all this very time-wasteful and wonder how to affect/tune/configure this graphics system so that it talks nicely with Linux. I continue my search. Regards, Don Williams

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