[GLLUG] Can a AOC VDU be addresses by Linux?

Don Williams buzzy.bonzo at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 16 01:22:06 UTC 2014

Hello again: interesting developments - I entered a critical comment on 
an after-sales questionnaire, which answer was placed among others 
relating to the same machine. There, on the list, was someone happily 
using Fedora. Um. Potential? On my early hours trek for that, I chanced 
upon Knoppix which seemed to offer similar possibilities. I'll burn the 
DVDs (on this machine) once I've slept and attempt another attack. 
Earlier, I found a Puppy Linux CD ineffective/useless (it managed to cut off the wifi too), but I did try ...
    After a kip, I tried installing the Knoppix. Nowt at all. So then the Fedora. Yupperooney! I even managed to take space from the W8.1 set-up and install. However, during that installation a demand for a domain name should have been for the computer's name, so I've named it with my service provider's identity ... well it WAS during my eightieth birthday!
    TIA for any suggestions, whilst thanks for having got me thus far. Don Williams

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