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Sat Oct 18 10:09:51 UTC 2014

On 18/10/14 07:14, Mark Preston wrote:
> On 17/10/14 16:52, Andrew Black wrote:
>> /No one really uses fax any more. Everyone accepts PDF email
>> attachments instead now./
>> I thought that too until I had loads of medical appointments with my
>> (now late) father. The health service is very fragmented and (in my
>> experience) are quite cagey about letting patients know their staff
>> email.  And you can't really be sure they are read. I got a flame from
>> my dad's GP for sending him an email - he had grudgingly given it to me
>> months before - he only read email once a week.
>> I haven't yet quite had the energy to plug my printer/scanner which
>> claims to do fax into a telphone socket. I have a gut feeling it wont be
>> quite as simple as it sounds. But I think I ought to before my mother
>> gets seriously ill.
> Hi Andrew,
> Faxes are actually very secure. 

Which is why you can use fax to send documents to your bank but not email.

Bernard Peek
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