[GLLUG] Docker question - for those that are using it

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Tue Sep 23 11:41:41 UTC 2014

I have been looking at Docker and so far have failed to get even 
slightly excited about it - for our use case, that is.

I have played a bit and it seems to me that all we have here is 
containers with a scriptable but otherwise undetermined management suite.

We only manage a few (<10) containers and VMS (<10) per host (KVM, Using 
Proxmox) and Proxmox gives us some very nice management tools packaged 
together and also the ability for the less console-literate members of 
staff to do something useful with it.

I can see a possible strong future role for people hosting hundreds or 
thousands of containerised instances in large data centres (but would 
not like to manage that with the current management tools).

Am I being particularly dumb (again?!) here and missing the Docker/Fleet 

Should I persist with trying to use it?

Or is it all a bit of a hype as my more cynical side (most of me) says?



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